Usablenet widely known as a pioneer in web accessibility and usability services. Accessibility is often disregarded as secondary when it should be one of the pilars used to build a website.

They reached out wanting a re-design of their marketing material, starting with an e-book promoting their whole roadmap to inclusive design.

The Process

I began quickly developing in less than 24h a few different versions for the client to choose from, including different color palettes, layout and iconography, all of them withing their current branding.
We chose to keep the blue color signature of all the services, but adding a modern touch of bright orange, and revitalize their branding using colored backgrounds and modern illustrations.

The Result

The focus on the design was to keep it simple and extremely visual, using tables, graphics and illustrations as much as possible to aid the copy. As they do in their amazing audit service, I applied Accesibility and Usability concepts and knowledge in the e-book design.

On-going Design

The client was very happy with the result and since 2017 we worked together in more than a dozen projects of all kinds; presentations, e-books, brochures, images for Social Media, 3D Mockups and T-shirt designs.

Download the final eBook here

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