Silent Wire

Silent Wire is a new tech startup developing a new state of the art next-gen VPN, having as a focus absolute end-to-end anonymity.

They reached out wanting to re-create their whole brand as well as the design of their website from scratch.

Logo and Branding

We started sketching out a few ideas for their logo. From a simple, abstract shape to a more complex one using a new owl mascot, having as a reference their competitor TunnelBear.

We decided that the owl captured the whole idea of anonymity with a fun and expressive twist, conveying the ease-of-use and friendlines of their VPN, but taking themselves more seriously than the mentioned competition.

The logo has a simple and distinguishable silhouette, in colors, black or white background, with angular features that gives it a serious look. The font chosen was bold, modern and clear, implying structure.

We also created a brand booklet, with examples (and templates) of brochures, mockups, powerpoint presentations and business cards. I wanted a sober, clean approach, very simple to scan for their target audience.


The website needed to be simple and very straight-forward for the end user. I started designing the flow wireframes using Adobe XD making sure the user was able to download the application in the least amount of steps as possible. A clear structure was also very important.

Final responsive HTML website

The final website was designed first using raster pixel perfect mockups to decide in the overall design colors and imagery. After that, a HTML/CSS website was coded using the newest HTML5 accessiblity standards and up-to-date responsive features like Grid. I didn't want to use frameworks like Bootstrap/Foundation for this static website, as it would have only added a lot of extra code (and therefore longer loadtimes) when it wasn't 100% needed.

The Silent Wire team was extremely pleased with the result and it's seeking a long term partnership for on-going social media and print designs.

Check out Silent Wire's live website

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