Rigado is a young tech company from the US offering IoT infrastructure for commercial institutions, like asset tracking.

They reached out wanting to create some new graphics for their upcoming Cascade IoT gateway, including some pull-up banners and print flyers for their upcoming event.

The Process

We started creating the brochure and flyers they would hand out in the event. We also made an alternative -lightweight- version to download in the web. They needed a few diagrams for some of their documents, showcasing how their IoT solutions would work in real offices and restaurants.

They also needed a design and mockup to showcase their Cold Chain monitoring demonstration in the event. We designed the box, label and sign, also illustrating in 3D how it would be seen in the event, as well as some pull-up banner designs to be printed in big.

The Result

The event turned out very favorable for the company. The clear and bold design, along with their signature blue color used mostly as background, helped to easily identify them from the distance.

On-going Design

We ended up having a very successful long-term partnership with Rigado, creating their social media designs, holiday cards and email newsletter templates.

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