Omnition was a brand new tech startup dedicated to distributed tracing, which was recently bought by Splunk.

They reached out wanting a re-design of their website, including their branding material (Colors, Typography, Iconography...)


We decided on using a very contemporary color palette, with a blue-purple shade being the dominant colors, and adding an orange accent for a bolder approach.

The typography, the pairing of Pluto Sans and Sofia Pro makes the contrast of bold and friendly, while keeping both within a modernist vibe.


With the wireframes, even with Omnition being a high technical service for a very selected niche, we wanted to make it as clear as possible, aiding with imagery, videos and diagrams, that we also created.

Web Design

We design both their desktop and mobile design, to be fully responsive. It needed to demonstrate their innovative service with a modern design, but we wanted to evoque a more classy approach, both things to distinguish them from their competitors that had a more corporate-looking design.

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