Luke Willson

Luke Willson's marketing team, 12 North Marketing, reached out to develop from scratch the branding for Luke Willson’s new event, Youth Football Camp.

They wanted to create an event for children and teens from 8 to 18 promoting a healthy lifestyle and having fun playing football while meeting in person their favorite player, Luke Willson.

The Process

I needed to create the branding from scratch. No shapes, colors or typography were decided. It was a difficult but very fun and interesting position, full of posibilites.

We started with simple sketches for the logo, ready in less than 24h to quickly grasp the feeling desired.

With this, we quickly identified the colors and fonts best suited for the event. Keeping the original dark blue and green for the brand, we used simple but bold fonts without resulting childish and flat shapes for their iconography, with a modern touch.

The Result

I ended up designing the graphics for the whole event apart from the logo and branding documentation. We created T-Shirts, Vinyls, Hats, Event Walls and Table-throws, as well as marketing material.

On-going Design

12 North Marketing was extremely happy with our collaboration and we kept contact doing graphic design for their own company, developing the logo and branding for their partner company (eventcorp services), as well as business card and other collateral.

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